We are now proud to be registered as an official volunteer to help the NHS as transportation and logistics and manpower to help in any way we can in transport for medical supplies in and around the inner london area to save lives and we are now on the frontline of the war to defeat the coronavirus  pandemic worldwide! 

 I would like to say Congratulations to Eco and Docklands and all the staff in this historic act that will go down in history in helping the staff at the NHS London In working tirelessly on the front line and risking their lives for us, I think it’s the least we should do in this fight to beat this killer decease we are all living with, so god bless the Doctors and everyone in the NHS at this hour of need 🙏 Well done to you all for showing to me the same thoughts that I have in helping the country in this fight and we will always remember that we have helped in someway to defeat this, and get back to some normality in our day to day lives.  

Please all stay safe and look after your loved ones and all your family and see you all soon 

This is confirmation we are an official volunteer.  

Thank you for offering support – GOV.UK



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